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Solutions for Callshops and VoIP Resellers in Kuwait

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  • H.323 access compatible with Tillian IP phones and many others.
  • Resellers purchase voice traffic from iWorldServices at wholesale rates.
  • Excellent Voice quality - Ckeck out our superior routes to Nepal
  • After sales service 24/24 and 7/7 in your own language
  • No sign up or monthly fees
  • Sell service under your own brand
  • Set the rates for your costumers
  • Create different rates with different billing increments
For more information on wholesale rates, our private label support and other details please contact now.

 Our Call Shop Solutions
   iWorldServices is specialized in the Middle Eastern market. As our sales team speaks your language, you will be well informed and set up to start running your own business speedily.

   Do you own a Call shop? We can help you as we have a great deal of experience in Kuwait.

   iWorldServices provides you with a software to manage your call shop. With this software, you can personalize your receipts with your own company logo, you can follow all calls in real time, and fix the rates of each of your clients. This software is user friendly, hence very easy to use.

Contact us. We have very interesting rates for you in the Middle East.

   iWorldServices offers a great opportunity to get into the booming telecoms market of Kuwait with an extremely low investment. Resellers can offer low cost calls to customers in their area or market quickly and can easily establish a foothold over even the most established competition thanks to the low rates offered by iWorldServices.

 We offer you the following benefits:
  • Quick and simple entry to the Kuwait telecom sector
  • Very low investments
  • Latest technologies
  • User-friendly web interface
  • Lowest market rates
  • Develop your business under your own brand and logo
  • Ready configured Marketing tools

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 Internet Cafes
   iWorldServices offers Resellers in Kuwait a great opportunity for Internet Cafes to add voice services to their customers at very low prices. iWorldServices offers software (through web browser or downloadable dialer) or hardware solutions to Internet Cafes which can be branded to fit in with an existing look and feel.

 iWorldServices offers the following advantages to Internet Cafes in Kuwait:
  • Interesting low rates
  • High quality calls
  • Extensive customer support
  • Account management

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   By becoming a reseller of iWorldServices and offering low costs calls to your customers, you can differentiate your internet cafe from your competitors!

 VoIP Kuwait Call Shop Solutions
   iWorldServices offers Call Shops in Kuwait a great way to get lower call rates by using VoIP whilst maintaining the quality that their customers expect. This is a new way to create profits with an extraordinary small initial investment and technical requirements, using existing infrastructures. Every standard network or broadband Internet access you have in Kuwait is suitable to set up a call shop.

 Using iWorldServices offers the following advantages for your Call Shop:
  • Interesting low rates Worldwide
  • Excellent quality calls
  • Low investment
  • Usage of all our Marketing tools
  • Extensive customer support


   We have a great deal of experience with Resellers of the VoIP telecommunication in Kuwait. iWorldServices has sales representatives who speak your language and who are available 24/24, 7/7.

 Asterisk based solutions with iWorldServices
   Our extensive knowledge in customized Asterisk based solutions can help you to get your project up and running in no time.

 If you already have set up a:
  • Call shop
  • Calling card platform
  • Small or medium business solution
  • Or anything which can be build on the scalable Asterisk platform
   In all the above cases, we have already done most of the work for you and you can use the solution as is or with customization for your needs. iWorldServices is delivering a one stop shop from set up to termination calls from or into the PSTN phone network.

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